Looking to make an end of the year charitable tax deduction? Consider supporting Juniata Athletics


As the 2011 calendar year comes to a close, we are very thankful for the support we receive in Juniata Athletics.  Those interested in making contributions before the end of the calendar year can do so in two convenient ways and receive year-end tax benefits as well.

1.      Juniata’s convenient, on-line giving page can be accessed here. Be sure to designate your gift to JClub and list the team's of your choice in the Additional Comments box at the bottom.  Your credit card will be securely processed and receipts will be mailed shortly afterward.

2.      Request a JClub Mailer piece with a gifts form and business reply envelope. Contact jclub@juniata.edu to request your mailer.


Year-end Gifts to Juniata Athletics: What you should know

Gifts made by check: The IRS states that the U.S. Postal Service postmark date serves as the official gift date for donations made by check and sent through U.S. Mail,. Therefore, the gift will be credited in 2011 so long as both postmark and check are dated no later than December 31. Please note that the IRS does not give the same treatment for postmarks provided on deliveries made by carriers such as Federal Express, UPS, etc.

Gifts made by credit card: A gift by credit card is complete on the day the card is charged. The gift is deductible in the year the charge is made. If you call or send a direction in a letter to charge a credit card in an envelope postmarked on or before December 31, 2011, but the university is not able to process the charge until after the first of the year, this gift is NOT considered deductible in 2011.

Please call 814-641-3115 for assistance.