Juniata Men's Volleyball Coaches and Players of the Year

National Coaches of the Year 

2004 Ken Shibuya (AVCA Div. III) 
2009 Jeremy Price (AVCA Div. III)
2011 Kevin Moore (EIVA Bob Sweeney) 
2013 Pat Shawaryn (Assistant) (AVCA Div. III) 


Coaches of the Year 

2011 Kevin Moore (EIVA) 
2013 Kevin Moore (CVC)
2017 Glenn DeHaven (CVC) 


National Players of the Year

1997 Chris Fazio (Volleyball Magazine Div. III)
2004 Kenny Eiser (AVCA Div. III) 
2005 Ricky Ziegler (AVCA Div. III) 
2007 Matt Werle (AVCA Div. III) 


CVC Players of the Year 

2012 Joe Bortak (Rookie)
2013 Matt Elias (Rookie)
2014 Paul Kuhn (Player)
2018 Quinn Peterson (Player)