Juniata Football Coaches and Players of the Year

Centennial Conference Coach of the Year

2013 Tim Launtz

Centennial Conference Players of the Year

2013 Brandon Felus, DL (Defensive)
2014 Ward Udinski, QB (Offensive)

Mid-Atlantic Conference Players of the Year

1963 Barry Broadwater
1967 Don Weiss
1968 Don Weiss
1973 Lou Eckerl 
1974 Peter Lentini
1975 Stu Jackson
1981 Eric Biddle
1982 Tom Devine
1984 Dave Murphy
1987 Mark Dorner
1995 Chad Zaring (Defensive Lineman)
1996 Chad Zaring (Defensive Lineman) 
1999  Matt Eisenberg
2001 Greg Troutman (Rookie)